Farm Cash Management®

Putting some money away for a rainy day is never a bad idea. Putting some money away and earning more money with it is an even better idea. Farm Cash Management helps you make the most of the money you have now to help out with future expenses.

Farm Cash Management (FCM) is really quite simple:

  1. If you have a revolving line of credit with Farm Credit Southeast Missouri, you can make a payment in person, by mail or electronically.
  2. If you decide to make a payment greater than the amount you owe at the given time, your payment overage is invested in short-term AgriBank Investment Bonds.
  3. These bonds accrue interest daily, and the interest is added to the initial bond investment at the end of the month.
  4. If you need to access your FCM money, you can at any time with no penalty. If you access money in excess of your balance, FCM will automatically access your credit line.
  5. Farm Cash Management allows you to save money and accrue interest when you have it, and to minimize the amount of interest expense.

Did you know that interest earned on your Farm Cash Management Account is exempt from State and Local Income Tax?

NOTE: Farm Cash Management is an investment account in AgriBank, FCB bonds. This is not an offer for the sale of FCM investment accounts or AgriBank Money Market investments. Such investments are not insured by - or a direct obligation of the United States government. FCM investments can only be purchased directly from AgriBank, FCB. Carefully review the disclosure information provided to all prospective purchasers prior to purchasing. Farm Credit SEMO is not authorized to represent AgriBank regarding AgriBank Money Market investments. You should not rely on any statement or opinion of our association or personnel in deciding upon the safety and soundness of investment accounts or their suitability for your particular situation.

Have questions? Visit our FCM frequently asked questions page for your answers.

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