We Are Farm Credit Southeast Missouri

Dear Customer-Owners: 

I’m just going to come right out and say it – we’re changing our name! 

Effective January 1, 2018, our new name will be FARM CREDIT SOUTHEAST MISSOURI

Over this past year, we have undertaken a serious, in-depth look at our association brand. 

In our strategic planning meetings with all of our employees and directors, we have talked about who we are and how our customer-owners, prospects and other external contacts see us. 

We discussed the fact that having the word “Progressive” in our name creates marketplace confusion between our association and Progressive Insurance. 

The green Biostar image and the words “Farm Credit” represent our brand across the nation.  When our customer service representatives answer the telephone, they universally say “Farm Credit”. 

We actually still have some customers that call us “PCA” or “Federal Land Bank”.  In general, though, everyone knows us as “Farm Credit”.  Our marketplace primarily consists of full-time commercial family farming operations and part-time farms.  Thus, it is appropriate to keep “Farm” in our name. 

“Farm Credit” will be up front in our name, because that is the primary emphasis.  As a separate and distinct legal entity from other associations, we must have a unique identifier in our legal name.  We have elected to make that identifier “Southeast Missouri”.  It is simple.  It puts stakes in the ground that we are independent and that this is where we are. 

Look for our new signage to appear very soon.  We will also be unveiling a new website to go along with our new association logo.  You will see the new name in all correspondence and in virtually every way that we interact.  We are looking forward to better aligning our name with who we are in our unique marketplace. 

Go Farm Credit Southeast Missouri! 

Bob Smith

President / CEO

Help stop the spread of COVID. When entering our offices, a face mask is required.

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